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Ordering Steps
  1. Begin by selecting a bead, set of beads, a necklace or bracelet style that you like.
  2. Then let me know what colors you like. Look through the website for many different ideas.
  3. If your lampwork glass bead item uses findings, select silver or gold.
  4. Then just e-mail me with your questions or decisions. I'll write back answering your questions and when you are ready confirming your order.
Selecting Colors
I will be happy to suggest colors. The only limit you have is the glass itself. Colors in glass do not always work like colors on a color wheel, some glass colors just do not play nice with each other. Unfortunately, glass does not come in every color. However, trying to find the perfect mix of colors is what I like doing best.
Selecting Hole Sizes
I usually make beads with 1/16" holes because they move around less once strung . I'll be happy to make larger hole (3/32") beads, if you prefer. Larger hole beads work well on leather or suede cords.
It varies, but usually 1-2 weeks. I can give you an estimated time when you make your first inquiry.
First class shipping is $3.00 for North America or $15.00 for global mail.
The pictures are as close to accurate as I can get. Most of the time, the piece is much prettier in person. Remember, each one is handmade and will vary slightly. No two pieces will be exactly alike.
Once your order is confirmed, I will set-up a link to Pay Pal for you. If you don't use Pay Pal, I'll take checks and money orders as well. An order will be considered "placed" when payment is received.
Questions are always welcome. I love making my beads and jewelry. My goal is for you to love them too. My e-mail


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